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My name is Peter van der Meulen. Since October 2014, I have been providing consulting and commercial support to technology companies that want to enter, or further develop their activities in, the German market.

Are your plans still vague? Or have you talked to consultants and experts already and you want to start? Does your team have limited experience, or limited time to explore and manage the German market? With my knowledge, experience and contacts, I can help you get started, or get ahead.

I have 20 years of experience in international sales and business development, in German companies and in foreign companies in Germany. I am based in the south of Germany. I am an engineer, I have an MBA from Mannheim University and I teach marketing and international strategy to German management students.

Working with me is low-risk. You work with me as long and as intensively as needed. In order to generate, or opportunities in Germany, or bring new opportunities further. Then we decide whether you want to continue on your own, or whether I can help you more.

My approach is best suited for B2B products, software and services that require consultative selling.

More about me

... you lack knowledge and experience

Lack of experience with the German market and German business culture, as well as limited German language skills can lead to your actions not being effective. By integrating my knowledge, experience and network at an early stage, you increase the effectiveness of your actions. So you will achieve results faster resp. have a good understanding of the long term possibilities in the German market sooner.

... you have limited resources

An internationalization process requires time, dedication and perseverance. Do your employees that are best qualified for business development abroad also play a key role in securing your business at home? If you work with me, you don't have to let this "resource dilemma" keep you from expanding to Germany! While I manage (part of) the activities in Germany, you continue to secure your running business. This way, you can develop the business in Germany in a qualified way, while you don't forego revenue from your business at home.

... you want to limit your risk

You work with a local partner as frequently and as long as necessary. You don't need to make investments in permanent staff and offices in Germany until your business opportunities materialize and the costs for an office can be supported. Based on progressive insight, you may even decide for another way-to-market than originally thought. So you keep sunk costs and unpleasant severance procedures under control in case of strategy changes or an unwanted outcome of your expansion.

More projects

Germany Readiness Assessment

The goal of the Germany-Readiness-Assessment workshop is to find out in one day how well prepared you are for the German market. My input is neutral, professional and from a German perspective. Use it to validate your plans and support your decisions! After the workshop, you know what next steps make sense and what information you still need in order to make the right decisions.

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