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What we do

Business development in Germany for technology companies

We help foreign technology companies realise new business opportunities in Germany.
What we do

Flexible workforce planning in the German health sector

Together with expert partners, we develop and implement innovative workforce planning concepts in the German health sector – for higher efficiency and employee satisfaction!

Flexpool: Ein Lukas-Projekt schlägt Wellen60 Klinik-Verantwortliche aus ganz Deutschland informieren sich heute bei uns über das Projekt Flexpool: Arbeiten zu „Wunschzeiten“ auf verschiedenen Station. Preisgekrönt ist das auch schon! #LukasNeuss #Flexpool

Posted by Lukaskrankenhaus Städtische Kliniken Neuss on Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2018
What we do

Lecturer at FOM University of Applied Sciences

Peter van der Meulen teaches Marketing, International Strategy, Applied Sales Management and Strategic Sales Management at FOM University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim.

Die beste Veranstaltung in diesem Semester! Tolle Struktur, tolle Herangehensweise an das Thema. Marketing ist wieder interessant geworden!

MBA student at FOM University of Applied Sciences, winter semester 2016

Hire us when …

you lack knowlegde of the German market or you lack experience with German business culture

you lack time to engage with the German market proactively and effectively

you want to limit your risk and not invest in a subsidiary office and personnel immediately

you need expertise and man power temporarily for new initiatives or activities in the German market

Why with us?

  • We are both Germany specialists ánd sales and marketing professionals – with 20 years experience in B2B sales in various industries
  • We are located in economically strong and innovative southern Germany
  • We speak German with your clients and English with you
  • We offer flexible collaboration schemes without long term obligations

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